Helen Miller

High School History Teacher


Helen Miller (26) teaches all levels and areas of history at tiny DeMores School, although her true passion is American history. She fell in love with the topic during her childhood in Medora, surrounded as she was by memorials to the great Teddy Roosevelt. She shares her second love with her favorite president, that is, nature and “the Great Outdoors.” She “pined” for the forests (har har) while she was studying at North Dakota State University in Fargo (history and education), so she returned every summer to work as a tour guide and park ranger, even after she graduated. After teaching history at Bismarck High School for three years, she gladly took over at her hometown school when her old history teacher retired. In Medora she is even closer to the Theodore Roosevelt Center at Dickinson State University, where she attends academic events as often as she can. She has been in Medora full-time for just one school year and living in her old home still feels like a small miracle.

Maxine Miller (mother, hotel receptionist)
Bruce Miller (father, park ranger)
Bruce Miller, Jr. (brother, electrician, 28)
Lenore Miller (library assistant, lives in Beach and works at Golden Valley County Library. Wants to go to library school, but never attended college, 25)

Helen Miller

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